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Da Gables

I just spoke to a contact at Coral Gables who confirmed CSR was fingerprinted at their PD on Monday. I guess she was on comp. time. Additionally, the PD has an acting Chief who the rank and file like. We can only hope that in the very near future the men and women at CGPD get to know and love FF/MB/CQ/FTF as we at HPD have.

TLOFS has advised that she will be GOA by 10-07 time today during the Hollywood Commission meeting. If TV ads could be aired during the commission meeting they would have price tags comparable to the Super Bowl.

Our reps are gathering information on prevailing dispatch issues relating to “Officer Safety” and other day to day frustrations the membership is experiencing. Once we have an overall idea, the PBA will draft a letter to the Broward County Manager and initiate some dialogue. I have been in touch with Ft. Lauderdale FOP who have been involved in the same situation for an extended amount of time. They will forward me information on documenting problems.



Long time PBA supporter and friend to all Hollywood employees, State Senator Eleanor Sobel is holding a VOTE EARLY rally tomorrow, Tuesday, 10/28/14 at 2:30 PM the Hollywood Library, 2600 Hollywood Blvd. Charlie Crist will attend .

I normally vote on Election Day but I think we owe it to both Senator Sobel and Charlie to attend and vote. I hope to see you there.

The next four years will be different for Law enforcement and the PBA in Tallahassee when Charlie Crist takes over as Governor.

Remember that it was our friend Senator Sobel who requested that the Office of State Auditor General conduct an audit on the City of Hollywood after the city declared financial urgency in 2011. The audit clearly exposed the City and staff for fraudulently cooking the books and the City Commission for falsely declaring F/U and not using other monies to balance the City’s budget.

The Gruber depo is scheduled for November 6, at 9:30 AM.

Finally, the face of F/U CSR might be heading south for the winter and then some. The commute from the affluent community of Coral Gables must be getting to KD. This would be an early Christmas present for HPD. We hope she saves room in the trunk of the car for Napoleon!

Here’s a STORY LINK to the reporting from The Miami Herald.

Hollywood Negotiations Session

Shortly we will have a synopsis of today’s (October 20, 2014) session. All reps attended and are drafting the recap.

Tomorrow, the commission is having an executive session to discuss the status of the IAFF session and hopefully there will be time allocated for discussion on the PBA contract. We are still pushing for the Pension workshop to discuss the PBA proposals with both the Police Pension Actuary and the City of Hollywood’s actuary. The City of Hollywood appears to be in no rush to negotiate, which may call for more drastic measures in the near future.

Two points the City made perfectly clear was they 1) reject any expansion of the take home car policy and 2) MAY only consider the and/or and NO other pension changes at this time.

FF/BK/FTF/MB told TMOFS, “I will take care of 2600” several months ago and recently told another member on his way out, “It looks like the City will not be returning any Pension Benefits.” We are still waiting for the BK to ride in on his white horse and save the day.

So keep up the good work and keep up the stats!

P.S. This clip below came through to my desk. Watch the 7 second video FIRST, and then read the instructions that follow.

This video is of actual Detectives attempting to stop a Criminal in Chicago. This video was taken by a Police Officer Videographer who was also in harm’s way.

Please remember these cops acted in real time.

WHAT DID YOU SEE? Officers ordered the suspect to put the assault rifle down, and that is what he is doing, right? It appears he is complying and then they shoot him! Is that what you saw? Do you want to know what it is like to work the streets as a cop, and what risks our Officers face daily? Watch the video again… Watch the suspect’s right hand while he places the rifle down with his left hand. Because you are facing this Criminal, you don’t see what the Officer behind the suspect does see–the suspect is pulling a hidden handgun from his rear pants. The back-up Officer yells “Gun” before firing.

Watch as the bad guy goes down. The handgun is still in his right hand. This is a reminder… What you think you see does not always tell the truth.

Watch it again, and learn! NOW, pass this on to EVERYONE on your email list, so they can do the same. It’s time for Mr. and Mrs. Citizen as well as the media to gain a better understanding of why people REALLY get shot and WHY our Officers are always in jeopardy.

Apparently this clip may not display at times.

The Backseat Boys latest release by FF

In light of knowing CSR/FF believe we are all corrupt, we have a new secret investigation pertaining to a cache of backseats stashed away in the sally port garage area at HPD. We can only assume this is a follow-up to the great store room caper investigated by FDLE which went nowhere. Apparently these were rear vehicle seats taken from units after modifications were made. Could the culprit have stashed these to sell them back to Chevrolet or Ford to make a huge score? Are YOUR prints–or even worse–your DNA on those seats? Did you rush to the station for a personal and not make it? Is that why the seat was removed? Heavy stuff. When FF’s co-workers from the DOJ are finished in Ferguson I am sure they can help clear this one.

Last week I met with Broward County School Board Superintendent, Mr. Runcie, on the upcoming bond issue, which will be on the November ballot. We also discussed the ROC program, which went very well. Runcie seemed to be a down to earth, good guy.

Below is a link to a memo from Broward County PBA General Counsel, Julio Gonzalez, regarding members being questioned or forced to complete work product prior to the content being reviewed. Please keep the document with you or download it to your phone.

Looks like Rockford, Illinois Police Chief, Chet Epperson, won’t be joining the ranks of HPD anytime in the near future. He is a BFF of Gruber and the Boy King who was looking at the A/Chief position during one of his visits to the fourth floor/IA. He is in the process of being terminated for misconduct. Shocking! You can read about him and his litigation defenses as well as Gruber the Goober at

The Gruber/City of Hollywood PRR litigation is moving along. We are scheduled for mediation on 10/13.

TMOFS has information that the subject dancing in front of the Marked Unit has been identified. The positive ID was made on the beige pumps worn at the time. Vinny Affanato has been requested to cease and desist.

For daily updates, follow us on Twitter @goBCPBA and Facebook

Attn Hollywood PD Members Notice of Procedure for Submitting Written Reports

TO: All Hollywood Police Department members
FROM: Julio Gonzalez, General Counsel
DATE: October 3, 2014
RE: Written Reports


As a part of your official duty, you are required to submit as to any actions you may have taken while in the performance of your official duties. If you are advised prior to submitting any written reports that you are the subject of an investigation the provisions of F.S. 112.532 shall be followed. When you are ordered to produce a work product without consultation from Counsel or a PBA representative; please incorporate the following at the top of the report:

“This report is being authored pursuant to a supervisory order. It is my understanding that this report is made for administrative, internal police department purposes only and will not be used in an investigation. It is further understood that my failure to comply with this order can subject me to discipline for insubordination and can result in my termination of employment.”

A PDF version of this notice is available for download and printing below.


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