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The Old Double Standard

First some good news. We met with Broward County Asst. Administrator Alphonso Jefferson Jr. and Director Rick Carpani regarding the dispatch issues relating to radio traffic at HPD. They have assessed the situation and within two months a second dispatch channel will be added to Hollywood, splitting the city, east and west, 24/7, 365. Please keep reporting glitches by completing the “ticket” so operational problems can be addressed as they come up.

A good leader sets a good example, does not ask anything from his troops he/she would not ask of themselves, and does not coerce others to cover up when he/she is in error. We all heard about the baggage FF/CQ/MD/FTF brought up from the banana republic government he ascended from so we should not be surprised about the policy violations surrounding 33-1412-160282.

SOP 231 sec.I FF failed to notify FLPD about the crash which occurred in that jurisdiction on 12/4/14.
SOP 231 sec. III D) 2 BK failed to photograph any crashes involving any city owned or leased vehicle.
SOP 231 sec. X A) 4 MB failed to ensure Crime scene unit respond and photograph the scene and all vehicles involved, regardless of the damage or evidence of damage.
SOP 214 CQ failed to complete the City of Hollywood Accident/Injury Report and have it forwarded to risk management at City Hall.

The incident location listed on the general report is inconsistent with the location referenced in the report narrative. I have sent two Major e-mails requesting clarification to Paulie wall banger, former lead singer of the “Drywalls” but have not received clarification as of yet.

On must ask how can a leader effectively lead and discipline anyone when he himself does not follow the policies he enacts?

Went to Tallassee this week for a workshop on a bill mandating body cams for be worn by Florida Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies. After testimony and speaking to legislators both prior to and after the workshop meeting we can bet Pud has a better chance of getting rid of his purple mustache than this bill becoming law.


FF Surgery and the Magic Motorcycle

First, the Broward PBA has been advised that our pension proposals have been sent off to the City of Hollywood’s actuary, Mike Tierney, for analysis. On the pay proposal for a three year deal at 9% members would have gained .5% from where they would have been in 2012.

In light of the above, keep working hard and giving 100%. As a reminder…the bogus overtime, Fusion Center and cameras, downtown felons/ambassadors and other perks the Hollywood City Commission and FF are enjoying are compliments of YOU and what was taken during F/U.

For members who are in the transition to BSO, don’t forget to contact the PBA to have your PBA membership transferred. This is the only way to ensure there is no lapse in coverage. For those members applying to departments in Dade County, we can assist and direct you to a point of contact at the Dade PBA.

For those indentured servants who are “Stuck like Chuck” we thank CSR and her agent FF/BK/CQ/FTF/MB.

We are pleased to report that BK is out of surgery and expecting to recover quickly. The CQ had a procedure that involved inserting a 5 X 7” piece of clear Plexiglas into his abdominal area. This will help with his constant assertion that he is transparent. Perhaps it will also help him see better during police motorcycle training where his lack of certification and novice skills clearly evidence the fact he “Rides like he has his head up his ass.” (L33141205160282). Please read the narrative portion. It alone is worth the price of admission.

BK is V-1 as he struck the rear of V-2, yet the HPD motorman seems to be at fault in the report. BK is famous for finger pointing. Nothing is ever his fault. It is safe to now assume V-2 is the only Police Package Harley Road King with a reverse feature on it. What will they think of next?

Investigation of CM/CSR

TMOFS has indicated the Broward County Inspector General’s Office is wrapping up the investigation into the “Million Dollar Mistake” where CSR/FF failed to follow city procedures on procurement for temp services as set forth in the City of Hollywood ordinances. Since there is a double standard for brass this most likely will not amount to anything.

Speaking of double standards…please see this LINK for a Public Records Request and read between the lines.

FINALLY, we have a negotiations session with the City at an agreed venue. Since FF/BK/FTF/CQ was glaring at the young members who showed up at Citizens’ Comments at 12/17/14 Commission meeting we wanted to meet away from City Hall. CLICK HERE to read the notice.

Stack of File Folders, Isolated

It is unknown how many members have requested their personnel file to apply elsewhere. TMOFS has indicated there is a growing stack. Currently (8) are in the process for BSO and two for Sunrise. The majority are new officers hired during the KD days.

I have a meeting with Broward County dispatch folks on 1/22/15 regarding the traffic on several main channels, including Hollywood. Hopefully, we can get some relief by splitting the city during busy times.

No update on Edge.

No update on Elliot.

All the best to Scotty Pardon. I think Maureen put it best when she said, “When he goes to work next week he will be Happy.”

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